Young woman dating much older man!

TJ, in Saratoga, is going out with a gentleman 30 years her senior. Why do you think an older man would be interested in a much younger person?

He sure doesn’t want an equal.  He doesn’t want somebody that is compatible to him.  He might even give the excuse “she has potential”.  Excuse me, but you don’t date or marry somebody because they have potential.   You hire them for a job.

A man who goes for that much of a younger woman has problems and I don’t think it is a compliment that he likes you TJ. A man like that likes to dominate and he certainly doesn’t want an equal, for sure.

At one point, five years from the moment the date started, the woman will often come into her own, mature, and start to assert herself. He is not going to like that. Then the fights will start. The woman will not stay, either, unless she is looking for a father figure or is meek and weak.

To avoid these problems, women should not date extremely older men.  Period!!

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